Sunday, 23 March 2014

Jesus: Don't Bother Taking Responsibility for Yourself

Itinerant Preacher Rewards Recklessness
. . . .
Sept 7th AD 31

While many is Judean society worry about Jesus-of-Nazareth's subversive preaching, his actions also seem to be carrying a louder message. It is up to him and a ragamuffin followers if they want to live a vagabond life around the country and court Rome's Wrath but surely it is unacceptable to be encouraging others to do likewise?

It seems that Jesus'  teaching once again drew a large crowd who listened to him espousing all day yesterday. Having reached the end of the day, and several miles from any town, it emerged (incredibly) that no one had the forethought to take food.

Most moral teachers would see this as an opportunity for a worthy life-lesson about the importance of thinking ahead and of taking responsibility for one's own needs. It seems that Jesus had a different idea. Rather than rebuking such foolishness he somehow provided food for all of them (possibly as many as 5000 men and their families).

Quite how Jesus managed this feat of mass catering is unclear and many wild theories of 'miraculous provision' have been flying around but surely more important is the message this sends. Many in Israel will worry about a society where irresponsibility is being encouraged; if people no longer feel the need to look after themselves and just expect others to provide for them, who knows what damage will be done to society?

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